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Prenuptials getting personal

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2012 | Prenuptial Agreements

They are not just for the rich and famous anymore, no, no — prenuptial agreements are being found in more and more marriages these days, and their clauses are getting quite personal. Florida residents are probably familiar with the child custody clauses and have most likely even seen the cheating clause, but there are some new stipulations about significant others’ lives that can dictate everything down to the color of the shirt you’re not allowed to wear.

Prenuptials have long been a way to ensure that certain funds and assets will remain divided by ownership and been to help make things less complicated should the marriage ever end, and that was that. Now, however, it appears that prenuptials are sometimes perceived to be coming from a place of being “ʻinsecureʼ” and trying to keep the other party in check. There are several reported cases of one spouse requiring the other to stay below a certain weight, or even to prepare a specific amount of meals a week for an allowance in return. It would appear that prenuptial contracts have become a sort of if/then arrangement for marriages, which for some may be the best way to enter into such a relationship. There are those, however, who are against these specialized mandates.

One marriage mediator is reported to have said she believes these particular “lifestyle clauses” do the opposite of securing a marriage, but rather put more pressure on the couple to be perfect or act a certain way. She reportedly views them as “ʻirresponsibleʼ” and “ʻoutrageous.ʼ” Regardless of input from others, it would appear that these quirky contracts may actually be working. One woman states that 90% of the marriages she handles are still intact, however, she is sure to mention the emotional side of the process.

For those Floridians about to enter into marriage, a prenuptial may be something to talk about. Regardless of where it comes from, an agreement about a presently hypothetical breakup could be a good way to go. If you are interested in learning more about these prenuptial agreements and options, it could be helpful to talk with an experienced attorney about them and learn about your options.

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