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Ex-wide receiver Chad Johnson and now ex-wife Evelyn Lozada split

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2012 | Domestic Violence

Going through a divorce in Florida and elsewhere is rarely an easy thing to do. There are so many emotions and legal decisions that have to be dealt with that it can undoubtedly be overwhelming at times. Yet, as difficult as going through a divorce is, going through one after a domestic violence dispute is perhaps even harder. Briefly a Miami Dolphin, Chad Johnson is now saying goodbye to another large part of his life: his wife.

Evelyn Lozada filed for divorce three days after an altercation between her and Johnson, which resulted in his arrest this past August. Johnson allegedly head-butted Lozada, causing her to seek treatment for a reportedly substantial injury on her forehead. That was on on Aug. 11, after which Lozada spoke out in a formal statement, stating that she hoped she could be an example for women, to show them that “ʻdomestic violence is not okay.ʼ”

Domestic violence is not something to be taken lightly and Lozada’s push for divorce after the alleged incident is an understandable reaction. Now, roughly a month and a half after her filing, they have officially been granted a divorce. The reason listed in her filing was that their spousal ties were “ʻirretrievably broken.ʼ”

Florida residents who are going through a divorce may wish to learn more about the laws surrounding prenuptials and divorce settlements to ease some of the stress. If a Floridian should find themselves in a situation where domestic violence is a factor, whether a divorce is being sought or not, it could help to look into their options or seek out an experienced attorney to help them find some recompense or a way to move forward.

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