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Miami NFL player Chad Johnson arrested on domestic violence charge

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2012 | Domestic Violence

Allegations of domestic violence are certainly more pronounced and centrally featured in news accounts when they involve a public figure well known to many.

Chad Johnson — formerly known as Ochocinco before legally reclaiming his birth name — is a case in point.

Even among high-profile professional athletes, Johnson — a longstanding football star — is a comparative magnet for media stories. For years, he has coupled his football career with stints on reality television shows and exploits purposefully intended to garner maximum publicity.

The most recent news accounts concerning Johnson unquestionably do not fall into that vein. Johnson was arrested last Saturday evening in Miami for allegedly head-butting his wife during an argument. He posted bond set at $2,500 and was released from jail Sunday morning.

Johnson only recently married. His wife, Lozada, was treated at a local hospital for a cut to her head. According to a police account of the incident, Lozada Johnson told law enforcement officials that she and her husband began arguing after she found a box of condoms and confronted him. The argument escalated in the front yard of the couple’s home.

Johnson has no previous record involving an act of domestic abuse. Following his release from jail, a no-contact order was issued barring him from contacting his wife in any way.

Johnson and his wife recently appeared in an HBO reality-based television show and are featured in another upcoming reality series scheduled to begin this autumn.

Following Johnson’s arrest, The Miami Dolphins football organization announced that they had terminated Johnson’s contract with the team.

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