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That didn’t take long: Cruise, Holmes divorce settlement executed

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2012 | Divorce

Some divorces take months — even years, in some exceptional cases — to resolve, especially where child custody and child support, a prenuptial agreement, complex property division and additional matters may be configuring factors.

The Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce certainly doesn’t qualify as one of them.

What some commentators were calling “mission impossible” last week after Holmes’ divorce filing became, in a virtual wink of the eye, “mission accomplished,” as the couple reached and executed a settlement with an alacrity seldom seen in any marriage dissolution, celebrity-related or otherwise.

As our readers can quickly see from our immediately preceding blog post, we barely had time to report the known details of the divorce announcement made last week when, in a flash, the settlement was announced this past Monday. If there was any consensus at all regarding how long the divorce process might take, it was that things could get sticky, given Holmes’ request for sole custody of the couple’s child.

More than a few “close observers” and “experts” might now be wiping, figuratively, egg off their faces.

Holmes’ lawyer called it, with due understatement, a “speedy resolution,” and thanked Cruise’s legal team for “their professionalism and diligence.”

Clearly, the couple did not want to go the way that many other Hollywood couples have gone in recent years, with acrimony and sordid details leaking out into the press regarding their private lives.

Indeed, what seems to be the hallmark of the settlement and statements issued in its wake is the emphasis on privacy stated by both parties’ camps and the avowed intent to fully promote the best interests of Suri, the couple’s young daughter.

Neither side made any mention of a premarital contract or financial matters following the settlement.

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