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Sports star with Florida ties must make good on support payments

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2012 | Child Support

What is it with so many current and former professional athletes with a nexus to Florida and their problems with child custody and child support?

As readers of our blog posts will readily confirm, there is certainly no dearth of stories relating to local sports stars and their family-related problems. Of course, it would be stretching things to state or imply that pro athletes are any more prone to custody and support problems than are members of the general public.

Perhaps — and especially given their celebrity status and the headlines that generally blare out whenever they are involved in a contentious matter or dispute — it just seems that way.

At any rate, another name familiar to Florida sports fans is front and center this way, with an Arizona federal judge ordering him last week to make good on more than $322,000 in past-due child support payments he owes.

That would be Andre Rison, an ex-Jacksonville Jaguar player who also played with a number of other teams over a long and both storied and checkered career.

Rison owes support for a number of years to a son he had with a partner he never married. He was originally ordered to pay support from May 1999, but a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official says he never made a voluntary payment and has made only two payments since November 2001.

That history did not sit well with Rison’s judge, who also ordered Rison to make regular payments of $2,358 per month going forward. The judge sentenced Rison to five years’ probation.

Rison claims that he is now near broke, despite reportedly earning about $19 million during his playing career.

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