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If you think your spouse is spying on you, read this

On Behalf of | May 14, 2012 | Divorce

Spy gadgets haven’t always had a practical application in society, but more and more often they’re becoming relevant in an unexpected field: divorce.

Although it may seem outside the realm of possibility for some divorcing spouses, the cold hard truth is that spouses in Florida and across the United States sometimes spy on their soon-to-be exes in hopes of gathering information to help them in their child custody and property division battles.

These spy tactics have become easier to implement as downsized technology has made it easier to hide recording devices, tracking machines and other gadgets inside or among another spouse’s belongings, providing potentially damaging information ahead of and during divorce proceedings.

That information can materially influence the course of numerous divorce processes, including child custody arrangements, asset division, and the amount of child support owed after a divorce.

Many of these devices are also available for much less than they would have cost years before and can be easily found through online stores.

Although some people who have discovered these spying devices have taken their spouses to court on grounds of violating federal wiretap and other laws, it is often likely that such spying goes on unnoticed. Because of this threat, divorcing individuals should be mindful of their actions and words at all times, even when they think they are alone or in a safe place.

Privacy experts advise this: At least consider the possibility that such tactics could be employed in a divorce proceeding and do not absolutely rule out that they are in any pending divorce case.

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