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Property division central in Mel Gibson’s divorce settlement

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2011 | Property Division

Stories relating to Mel Gibson’s high-profile family life appeared steadily throughout 2010, ushered in the new year and continued essentially unabated throughout the past 12 months. It hardly seems remiss, therefore, that one more Gibson-related story — in fact, the biggest one of all — helps close out the year.

Namely, that would be the finalization of Gibson’s lengthy divorce with ex-wife Robyn, announced just last week in Los Angeles. Even by Hollywood standards, the high-asset property division details were singular and impressive.

Readers will well note all the media hype and tales focused on Gibson’s child custody and support battle with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

The numbers associated with the dissolution of the Gibson marriage, though, given its near 30-year tenure, seven children, and Gibson’s skyrocketing financial fortune amassed over that period, are far more noteworthy.

Consideration starts with Gibson’s personal wealth, which has been estimated as high as $850 million. Gibson is a proven high wage earner as both an actor and producer and, additionally, has demonstrated strong acumen as a business man and real estate holder.

Owing to California’s status as a community property state, Robyn will get fully half of all that Gibson has earned over their marriage. Moreover, the couple never executed a prenuptial agreement, meaning that no private understandings were agreed upon concerning the withholding of any of Gibson’s wealth.

Going forward, Robyn is also legally entitled to receive half of all the earnings that Gibson will accrue for the rest of his life.

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