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Tough economy, lower-paying jobs impinge on alimony payments

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2011 | Divorce

Here’s a story that well emphasizes why a Florida resident with troublesome alimony issues should contact an experienced Florida family law attorney for guidance.

Sue Guerra’s troubles started following her divorce, when she lost her job as a sales agent for a technology company. Like millions of other Americans challenged by a tough economy, it took Guerra some time to find a new job and, when she did, it became readily apparent how circumscribed her finances suddenly were with a pay cut of more than 60 percent.

Guerra, a Boca Raton resident, was ordered to pay alimony in her divorce settlement, with her four children living at home with her ex-husband. She lost the home in the divorce.

The $3,600 monthly alimony payment was manageable until Guerra began her second job. Now she states that it leaves her close to destitute.

“After I pay him, pay taxes and my health insurance, I’m left with $300 per month,” she says.

Guerra now lives in her brother’s house, both sleeping on and working from his couch.

While she works, she continues to seek an alimony adjustment. She first filed a petition for a change six months ago, but Florida courts are sorely clogged, and she is still waiting. She is scheduled to appear before a judge later this month.

“I have to have faith and hope that I’ll get through it,” she says.

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