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Football star/reality show figure Owens pays ordered child support

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2011 | Child Support

You might be familiar with Terrell Owens even if you’re not a football fan, provided that you are enamored of reality television shows. Owens is a likely future hall of fame inductee who, although not currently on any professional team’s roster, is gainfully employed filming a reality series entitled the T.O. Show.

What he has made eminently clear on that program is how strapped he is for cash, given the recent National Football League lockout during which he received no pay, along with both an injury that prevents him from playing football now and some bad real estate investments.

Paying child support, he maintains, is a struggle, although many people might be a bit perplexed by that assertion. A recent court filing indicates that he makes nearly $670,000 each month, and his football contract for last season was worth an estimated $4 million.

It would thus seem inexplicable as to why he is citing problems paying the $5,000 a month he has been ordered by a Georgia court to pay the mother of his young son. Owens first failed to pay the $10,000 he owed for June and July, petitioning for a reduced amount. The court denied that request, and he eventually paid in full.

He again failed to come through with timely payments for August and September, however, and his ex-partner filed a second petition for contempt against him.

It has been confirmed that Owens settled the outstanding amount owed last week, avoiding jail time with his payment.

“We hope we do not need to file again in the future,” said his former girlfriend’s attorney.

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