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In-Court Domestic Violence Attack: No Bond in Felony Battery Case

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2011 | Domestic Violence

Nearly eight weeks after he attacked his wife in a judge’s private chambers in a Fort Lauderdale courthouse, a man faced another Broward County judge in a criminal hearing last week. The man has been charged with felony battery for the sudden outbreak of domestic violence that broke his spouse’s nose and jaw, blackened both of her eyes and gave her a concussion.

The April 15 attack followed a hearing regarding child support and visitation. The judge’s order that day enraged the man, who attacked his wife without warning and could only be restrained after intervention by a dozen bailiffs and after being tasered twice with a stun gun.

The wife — who had to go to an intensive care unit to be treated for cerebral bleeding and swelling — testified at the hearing that she has always been in fear of her husband and that he has committed acts of violence against her throughout their marriage.

“I’m extremely fearful,” she told the judge. “He has no regard for any kind of court orders.”

The man’s attorney argued that he acted under “highly emotional circumstances,” would not reoffend and would comply with any ordered restrictions.

The woman’s lawyer disputed that assessment, stating that her client “is in grave danger if he is released.”

The judge ordered the man held without bond. He faces a possible 15-year prison sentence if he is convicted of his aggravated battery charge.

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