Attorneys For Post-Judgment Modifications

After obtaining a final court order during divorce in Florida, you have the right to make modifications if your situation is considered to be a "substantial change of circumstances." If you feel that your current situation is not meeting your needs or those of your family, consult with a family law attorney who can assist you in modifying a final court order.

Our law firm, Pacheco Perez P.A., located in Miami, Florida, has represented many clients seeking post-judgment modifications. We understand that unexpected issues can arise that make a modification to a final court order necessary to provide for your family. We will carefully listen and evaluate your case during an initial consultation, giving you the personal attention and responsive communication that is a hallmark of our firm.

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If you have any questions or concerns about making modifications to a final court order, contact our attorneys for a initial consultation.

Child Support ∙ Spousal Support and Alimony ∙ Parenting Plans

Certain cases of post-judgment modification involve the amount of money that one parent and/or spouse has to pay for child and spousal support. Certain reasons such as medical and child care costs, changes in income or disability may also necessitate an adjustment of support. With cases of parental responsibility and time-sharing, one parent may wish to modify a final order when issues regarding relocation, chemical addiction of a parent, age of the child, change in job status or other situations arise with respect to the best interests of the child ow

With any modification issue, seek a dedicated attorney who can customize legal services accordingly. We want to protect your interests and the well-being of your family. Our firm can provide you with comprehensive legal knowledge in family law and focused attention.

Please contact us for an initial consultation if you have any question or concern regarding a modification issue. Our lawyers can safeguard your rights and fully promote your legal interests.

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