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Mediation can help put your divorce in the past

When it comes time to work through a divorce, there are times when a couple has no choice but to "battle" in court. Known as litigation, many people go down this path because they are unable to work together to find a common ground.

Conversely, divorce mediation is something you should absolutely consider. This allows you to work closely with the other party to solve a variety of problems, such as those related to child custody and property division.

Understanding alimony to get what you deserve

Going through a divorce will change your life in many ways, including your financial situation.

Depending on the circumstances and details surrounding your split, there is a chance that you may be in position to receive alimony from your former spouse. While there is no guarantee of this happening, it's something that could come into play.

The stay-at-home parent's guide to divorce

As a stay-at-home parent, you're in a precarious position when your spouse decides to get a divorce. You currently don't work, because you take care of your children. Your spouse has a high-paying job and has always provided for you, but now that income will no longer be open to you.

How can you survive? That's a question many people in your position ask. Fortunately, there is an easy answer, and it's called alimony. Additionally, you'll have a right to a certain amount of assets from your marriage.

Child custody concerns can be complex and challenging

When it comes to matters of child custody and divorce, you can expect to run into a variety of complications and challenges. If this doesn't happen, consider yourself lucky.

On one side of things, you always need to do what is best for your child. This is the approach the court will take, so you need to do the same.

What do you know about parenting coordination?

It wasn't that long ago (2016) when the Florida State Legislature passed a law regarding parenting coordination. This statute was passed to help ensure that both parents always have the best interests of their child in mind.

Parenting coordination is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with a focus on resolving conflicts regarding visitation schedules, custody and other related problems.

What will you say to your child about your divorce?

Depending on the age of your child when you decide to divorce, you may need to explain the process and what is happening.

While you don't have to go into details, there are several things you need to say to ensure that your child has a clear idea of what is going on and where they fit into the process. Consider the following:

Don’t make these common prenuptial agreement mistakes

If the time comes to create a prenuptial agreement, it's only natural to have some concerns. Are you making the right decision? Will your soon-to-be spouse agree to this? What should you include and exclude? These are just a few of the many questions that will go through your mind.

Fortunately, when you take the right steps, you can create a prenuptial agreement that suits both individuals. Conversely, if you don't know what you're doing, it's possible that you could make a mistake that causes you trouble now or in the future.

Get ready for summer child custody situations

School is almost out for the summer. This means that it is time for family vacations and other fun activities. For parents who don't have custody of their children during the school year, this is a time when they usually get to spend more time with their children.

While this increase in time is a good thing since it gives them more time to build a relationship, it is also a time when planning reigns supreme. If you are dealing with a child custody situation, now is the time to think about what the summer months will entail.

Will you avoid these common divorce mistakes?

Going through the divorce process is never easy. Even when you think you know what you are doing, something could move to the forefront that brings a big challenge into your life.

Unfortunately, many people make mistakes that put them in an even worse position. Here are three common divorce mistakes that you should try to avoid at all costs:

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