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Native American women and the Violence Against Women Act

The congressional reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act is a whopping 218 pages in length. It has passed the Senate and is heartily endorsed by President Obama. The legislation targets the scourge of domestic violence that exists in every state, including Florida.

Evolving: Issues regarding legalized pot, parenting considerations

Florida family law attorneys obviously deal with a wide range of issues and considerations pursuant to their representation of clients in divorce matters, including on occasion issues of a parent's alleged or proven drug use in the context of child custody and visitation.

Aftermath of NFL tragedy now focuses on child custody, estate issues

A tragedy coming out of the professional sports world last month quickly grew into a national story for several reasons, including its strong focus on domestic violence and child custody, with implications that continue.

EEOC watching for discrimination against domestic abuse victims

Many Americans undoubtedly remember well two tandem and sad stories from just a couple months ago that played out in different states of the country. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a man entered a hair salon where his wife worked and shot and killed her and two co-workers. The man had become enraged after his estranged partner obtained a restraining order against him for previous acts of domestic violence.

Family law concerns sometimes sparked by storms, disasters

People across the country, and certainly in Florida, have been riveted over the past several weeks on information and news relating to Sandy, the unprecedented storm that, with outsized momentum and fury, laid waste to many parts of the East Coast, most especially New Jersey and areas of New York City.

Divorce proceedings often trigger acts of domestic violence

Domestic abuse against women makes headlines regularly. There is a notable rise in acts of violence throughout various counties in Florida. But domestic violence is not just a family problem within the inner walls of a dwelling place: It is a serious crime that often brings a tragic outcome.

Ex-wide receiver Chad Johnson and now ex-wife Evelyn Lozada split

Going through a divorce in Florida and elsewhere is rarely an easy thing to do. There are so many emotions and legal decisions that have to be dealt with that it can undoubtedly be overwhelming at times. Yet, as difficult as going through a divorce is, going through one after a domestic violence dispute is perhaps even harder. Briefly a Miami Dolphin, Chad Johnson is now saying goodbye to another large part of his life: his wife.

What constitutes "good" grandparenting during a divorce?

Divorce is seldom easy on anyone, including grandparents. It is natural for grandparents to be anxious about visitation with their grandchildren and other matters when their adult children divorce. However, legal rights for grandparents are certainly not the first thing that comes to mind in a divorce. A future relationship with the grandkids often depends on how grandpa and grandma handle the separation and divorce.

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