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Fashion tycoon, ex-partner model square off in child support trial

A family court in New York is the slated venue today for a trial centered on child support for a five-year-old boy fathered by a man from one of the world's wealthiest families and with a mother who, at 46, still commands top dollar for her modeling work.

Bill would require DNA testing of parents, child following delivery

You can't really call it a trend, but a New Jersey bill just introduced into that state's legislature and calling for mandatory genetic testing of parents and newborns follows similar legislation from Kansas last year that is still pending in that state's legislature.

Feds augment child support collection efforts with deadbeat website

The term "deadbeat parents" is well understood by most providers in Florida and other states who fulfill their family responsibilities by caring adequately for their children. There are certainly situations in which loving and well-intentioned parents simply run into difficulties providing agreed-upon child support payments for their children -- for example, illness or a lost job. Circumstances such as these, however, do not often thrust a non-custodial parent with support duties into the realm of deadbeat parent.

Rise, fall of Miami Heat star reflected in child support arrears

With a pending bankruptcy case, a federal judge must now rule on whether the delinquent child support case against former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker can proceed. A circuit judge recently said he could not take action on the back child support and delinquent school tuition for Walker's 13-year-old daughter because of the pending bankruptcy case, subsequently leaving the decision in the hands of the federal court.

Child support analysis includes data from Florida, nationally

Times are tough, and the economy is struggling in Florida and the rest of the nation. People are struggling to find work. and many people that do find employment are greatly underpaid.

Football star/reality show figure Owens pays ordered child support

You might be familiar with Terrell Owens even if you're not a football fan, provided that you are enamored of reality television shows. Owens is a likely future hall of fame inductee who, although not currently on any professional team's roster, is gainfully employed filming a reality series entitled the T.O. Show.

Child Support: Willful Failure to Pay Can Result in Felony Charge

Florida family law judges have a number of remedies available to enforce child support orders against persons with support duties. State revenue officials, too, have a wide array of enforcement tools at their disposal, including delinquency notices, Florida driver's license suspension, holds on bank and other financial accounts, property liens, wage garnishment, the taking of tax refunds, and civil and criminal contempt referral.

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