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Focus: international child custody disputes, considerations

Family law issues in a divorce, whether in Florida or elsewhere, can range from one or just a couple matters that are resolvable without undue difficulty to more intractable and complex matters that require close consultation with an experienced divorce attorney.

Divorce case highlights intersection of law and religion

As this blog has occasionally noted in prior posts, there is no such thing as a "typical" divorce. Every divorce negotiation and settlement is decidedly singular, with the considerations that most occupy a divorcing couple being uniquely their own.

"Unusual arrangement" reached in Florida parenting rights case

A two-year paternity battle has ended with a Florida judge approving an adoption that will list three individuals as parents on the child's birth certificate. The decision is a potentially landmark move that could see similar conclusions to child custody battles or issues of paternity rights.

Evolving: Issues regarding legalized pot, parenting considerations

Florida family law attorneys obviously deal with a wide range of issues and considerations pursuant to their representation of clients in divorce matters, including on occasion issues of a parent's alleged or proven drug use in the context of child custody and visitation.

Aftermath of NFL tragedy now focuses on child custody, estate issues

A tragedy coming out of the professional sports world last month quickly grew into a national story for several reasons, including its strong focus on domestic violence and child custody, with implications that continue.

Media pieces present competing views of post-divorce behavior

Two recent media articles on life following divorce for former partners present views that are altogether different. Summarized briefly, one of them confines itself to a discussion of ex-spouses who couldn't get along at all during marriage and have simply extended that conflict outward in all dimensions following divorce. The other, which takes pointed exception to the "warring divorced couples" view, casts post-divorce life for many couples more in terms of a partnership that endures for the kids and can actually increase in shared purpose and amicability following a dissolution.

Surprise: Ex-NBA great Rodman back in court on child support matter

Former professional basketball star Dennis Rodman was back in court last week after falling behind in his child support payments. The judge ruled that Rodman was in contempt of court and instructed the star to pay $500,000 to his ex-wife to make up for his negligence in paying child support.

Indy, Nascar star Patrick announces divorce

After being married for seven years, Danica Patrick and her husband Paul Hospenthal, who works as a physical therapist, are calling it quits and divorcing. The split appears to be an amicable one, unlike many divorces that can get messy and upsetting for everyone involved. The marriage had not produced any children, which generally makes divorce less complicated, with no dissolution-related issues concerning child custody, visitation and child support to contend with

Florida, other states promoting foster/biological parent contacts

For decades, the prevailing thought regarding children placed into foster care was that it was best to keep the biological and foster parents cut off from communication with each other. That mindset has changed in recent years, though, as experts have realized the benefits of communication between those two sets of parents.

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