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Domestic violence: the need to act and be protected

Partner abuse in a relationship is always an unfortunate thing that, in many instances, escalates with dire consequences. Moreover, domestic violence is often marked by a very complex interplay of related family law issues that makes a boilerplate response ineffective. In some instances, domestic abuse centers on a family's children, while in other cases it can be a matter of an abusive spouse or partner engaging in persistent and violent battering.

Divorce case highlights intersection of law and religion

As this blog has occasionally noted in prior posts, there is no such thing as a "typical" divorce. Every divorce negotiation and settlement is decidedly singular, with the considerations that most occupy a divorcing couple being uniquely their own.

Native American women and the Violence Against Women Act

The congressional reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act is a whopping 218 pages in length. It has passed the Senate and is heartily endorsed by President Obama. The legislation targets the scourge of domestic violence that exists in every state, including Florida.

Baseball star's divorce highlights common divorce issues

As we have noted in prior blog posts, divorce is a flatly unique experience for every couple that goes through it. That is why, in the viewpoint of many family law commentators, a cookie cutter approach to the matter, with a few boilerplate forms and recommendations, is a hapless exercise in all but a few instances of dissolution. Namely, those are divorces in which virtually nothing is at issue, and those types of outcomes are anomalies, indeed.

EEOC watching for discrimination against domestic abuse victims

Many Americans undoubtedly remember well two tandem and sad stories from just a couple months ago that played out in different states of the country. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a man entered a hair salon where his wife worked and shot and killed her and two co-workers. The man had become enraged after his estranged partner obtained a restraining order against him for previous acts of domestic violence.

Divorce proceedings often trigger acts of domestic violence

Domestic abuse against women makes headlines regularly. There is a notable rise in acts of violence throughout various counties in Florida. But domestic violence is not just a family problem within the inner walls of a dwelling place: It is a serious crime that often brings a tragic outcome.

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