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Man claims he died, so he didn't have to pay child support

Florida parents seeking child support payments from uncooperative individuals know that when someone doesn't want to pay child support, the excuses can become quite creative. While legitimate instances occur where people simply can't afford to pay the support, there are also many times when someone just doesn't want to pay and is willing to lie and cheat to avoid doing so. One case in another state illustrates just how far some people will go to avoid paying.

The changing nature of Florida child custody laws

When a couple decides to end their marriage, decisions regarding their children are inevitably intertwined with property and asset disputes. Questions soon arise regarding which parent will look after the children for the majority of the time. Other questions soon form regarding where the children will live. Some relatively recent changes in Florida child custody laws attempts to address some of those issues.

New option for paying Florida child support

Individuals paying child support through the State of Florida previously had to mail a money order or check to the state. The state then disbursed funds to the required party as ordered by the court. According to a county court news release, individuals managing child support payments through the state can now use Western Union to send payments.

What factors do Florida judges consider regarding child support?

Child support is one of the biggest things to be addressed during any divorce in Florida. No matter where you stand on this personally -- whether you want to get support or whether you may need to pay it out -- it is important to understand exactly how the system works and what factors play into the equation. Below are some of the things -- though not all -- that judges are going to consider when deciding who has to pay and how much needs to be paid.

What happens if you don't pay child support in Florida?

A point of contention in many divorces is the amount of support one spouse will pay another. Even two parents who do want the best for their children may argue over child support payments, and there are times when the amount of child support required by an order becomes too much for one party to handle.

When circumstances change, child support orders may be altered

Parents with cases within the Florida Child Support Program can seek an alteration of the child support agreement under certain circumstances. Modifications may be granted if the person receiving child support is doing so through the program, the support has not been modified within the past three years and circumstances for one or more parent has changed.

Settings for child support negotiations depend on parents' needs

Child support negotiations are not always easy, but they are necessary to protect the best interests of the child by providing adequate financial resources. Florida parents have a variety of legal options when it comes to deciding their own child support plans. Parents can use out-of-court dispute resolution processes, or they can use informal negotiation to reach a conclusion. If the parents are unable to reach a decision through these alternative methods, a court order may be required.

Man fails to pay thoussands in child support, turns himself in

When it comes to divorce, some of the most difficult resolutions often center around children or money. Decisions about child support combine both considerations, so it's not surprising that it can be a difficult topic to discuss and come to an agreement on. That's one reason why the legal system has so many fail safes and processes associated with support and support agreements.

Man owes child support, ordered not to have more children

Miami parents who are going through or have gone through divorce know that the support of children is an important matter. Deciding on child support can be an emotional and stressful endeavor, and after papers have been filed, circumstances may require child support modification. In any case, simply not paying child support that is ordered by divorce papers is never a good idea, and it can lead to serious consequences that include jail time.

Rapper ordered to pay $7,000 monthly in child support

For divorcing couples in the Miami, Florida, area, issues related to children are often the most emotional, drawn out part of the process. In many cases, both parents are fighting for what they think is best for their kids. In some cases, one parent is fighting to ensure another is held responsible financially. Outside of the state, a performing artist and movie actor was ordered by a judge to make full payments on requested child support to the mother of his infant child.

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