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Parenting tips for when teens move between households

Raising a teenager is a tall order for any parent, but when those teens' parents have gone through a divorce, the challenges are often amplified. If you're attempting to co-parent with your former spouse, there may be some potential for conflict that could ultimately erode your relationship with your child.

Divorce and the implications of an online footprint

Time-honored advice to a client in Florida or elsewhere from an experienced divorce attorney certainly includes the admonition to refrain from any questionable conduct that can catch the public's eye and cast doubts on parental judgment and abilities.

Child custody agreements are versatile, highly varied

Divorce cases can sometimes feature some interesting settlement terms as couples come to an agreement of how to approach their now-separate lives. One father, reviewing his wife's proposed terms for child custody of their two children, noticed that she had requested most of the religious holidays pertinent to her Jewish faith.

On parenting plans, child custody and a child's input in the process

A common feature of a divorce settlement between the parents of children is the parenting plan. This agreement is often made during child custody arrangements to determine how parenting duties will be divided in a way that best benefits the child. In many cases, Florida parents are expected to adhere strictly to these plans, which can sometimes be a bit rigid and, at times, even inflexible.

Florida, handful of other states, have "electronic visitation" laws

An organization called the National Center for State Courts has issued a report concerning divorce and relocated parents. Central to its findings is that a quarter of all children in divorced families have one of their parents living at distance, that is, in another city or state. Approximately 10 million children lack regular and personal communication with one of their parents.

Focus: Florida Fathers, Child Custody and Relevant Law

A recent article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper tells the stories of and quotes liberally from several Florida fathers chronicling their experiences following divorce, most centrally with child custody matters.

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