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Domestic violence: What to look for and what it means for you

Domestic violence affects many people across American every year, and evidence of abuse or even just allegations of domestic violence can have an effect on some aspects of divorce, such as child custody. Whether you are the victim or the person being accused of abuse, understanding what constitutes domestic violence and what evidence and patterns officers look for when making an arrest can help you be better prepared for how these allegations will affect your divorce.

Does technology endanger domestic violence victims?

When faced with a domestic violence situation, many individuals in Florida and other states are unable to clearly think about all the ramifications of the situation and their actions. Often, a response is about survival. One thing that may be important to surviving and getting out of an abusive situation is understanding how technology might put you at greater risk.

Intimate fashion business supports domestic violence victims

According to a worker with a domestic violence shelter for women, around one-fourth of all women experience sexual or domestic violence in their lifetime. She said many women in such positions seek assistance at local shelters, often arriving with little more than the outfit they left the home in.

How do Florida courts protect spouses from domestic violence?

Being a victim of violence is never pleasant, but it is even worse when the abuser is also your spouse. Many victims of domestic violence often fear retribution for reporting attacks against them or their children. Fortunately, the state of Florida considers domestic violence a serious issue and provides powerful legal protections that are intended to separate victims from their abusers.

How should I plan to leave an abusive relationship?

If you are the victim of an abusive relationship, then finally making the decision to leave can be complicated by many factors. As is often the case, your abuser may have isolated you from your friends and family. Your abuser may also control your finances. You may even have been verbally abused to the point where you now lack confidence and self-esteem.

The relationship between domestic violence and family law

In some cases, domestic violence allegations are intertwined with other family law issues. Regardless of the surrounding issues, domestic violence accusations and charges are serious for both parties involved. Understanding the legalities of the charges can help individuals on either side decide on the best possible course of action.

Physical violence may come after other types of abuse in Florida

When physical domestic violence takes place, it sometimes gets the most attention from the media. One only has to look at the cases involving Ray Rice and Jeffery Taylor, both of whom are professional athletes, to see how this works. However, some professionals caution that physical violence may only happen after other types of abuse have already taken place.

Workplace provisions for victims of domestic violence

Many divorce filings in Florida relate to domestic violence or some other type of abuse. Victims of domestic violence may have more rights than they think, however. Special protections may extend to some domestic violence victims through their workplace, for example. Knowing your rights under Florida law can help you improve the safety and welfare of your family in the face of abuse and other family issues.

Marijuana use reduces risk of domestic violence, rates still high

Past research into couples' relationships has shown that substance abuse issues often increase the risk of domestic violence in the home. However, fresh-off-the-presses research shows that marijuana bucks this trend; couples who light up tend to actually experience lower rates of domestic violence. The study, which used mail-in surveys over a nine-year span, determined that marijuana use was a determining factor in lowering rates of intimate partner violence.

South Florida police officer arrested for domestic violence

A police officer in Florida was being called a hero just months ago for saving a child's life. The child was in a vehicle on the Dolphin Exrpressway, and the car had gotten stuck in the congested traffic. When the child stopped breathing, the officer and others -- including the child's aunt -- did CPR until the child started to breathe again.

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