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Marital mediation may be how to create a postmarital agreement

You've reached the end of the rope. You can't deal with your responsibilities to a spouse anymore. After talking, self-care and perhaps therapy, you must admit that you don't want to be married anymore. But divorce isn't some college breakup. It takes more effort and work to disentangle two people from legal matrimony, especially if children are involved.

Can marital agreements make it easier to get divorced?

Marital agreements can offer couples many benefits, both in divorce and in marriage. Although these documents don't seem very romantic, when used correctly, they provide couples with guidelines on how to address financial matters. As you might expect, this can be just as valuable when divorcing as it can be in a healthy relationship.

Marital agreements: Creating an effective postnuptial agreement

You probably already know a good deal about the prenup, which is an informal term for a prenuptial agreement or contract. If you are already married, it is too late for a prenup, but you can still create an effective contract for you and your spouse. Like the prenup, marital agreements entered into after marriage can help to protect your rights if you and your spouse decide to get divorced.

Reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement

The unfortunate truth is that divorce has become extremely common in the United States. This trend has been consistent for the past couple decades and does not appear to show signs of changing anytime soon. With the divorce rate figures being what they are, it is important to consider ways to protect yourself if a worst-case scenario occurs in your marriage.

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