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Month: September 2020

When is a QDRO needed in a divorce?

When people in Florida get a divorce, they may have some property to divide, including retirement assets. For some retirement accounts, a document known as a qualified domestic relations order is necessary. Benefits of filing promptly The person who has the retirement...

Do not make these common divorce errors

In the heat of the moment, many people make mistakes in a Florida divorce that will come back to haunt them. These errors can either increase the chances of litigation or leave you in financial difficulty after the divorce. Avoiding these common mistakes can make your...

How to handle a timeshare in a divorce

When a Florida couple gets divorced, all of their assets are subject to division. The same holds true when dealing with a timeshare that the couple jointly holds. Essentially, the couple can divide the timeshare, sell it or award it to one of the spouses. Sell the...