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Staying on top of divorce-linked money matters

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Property & Asset Division, Property Division

Most divorcing spouses in Miami and across Florida certainly don’t think of marital dissolution in terms of a sink-or-swim analogy, of course.

For select others, though, that image might seem both spot-on and vivid, especially concerning personal finances.

Maybe that’s true for you. If your divorce-tied thoughts seem to be almost exclusively focused on money matters and post-divorce realities, you can better your chances of staying afloat by taking a rational and objective approach.

Granted, that’s not always easy. In fact, a recent USA Today article on post-dissolution financial security duly notes that getting a divorce can be “an emotional roller coaster.”

Legions of splitting-up spouses have successfully navigated the process, though. They have overcome the challenges and reaped the rewards offered by a new chapter in life.

That will likely be the same for you, notes the above-cited piece, if you “approach your settlement with a clear head and an accurate accounting of your finances.”

Here’s the obvious question begging to be asked, of course: How do you do that?

We modestly suggest at the established Miami family law firm of Pacheco Perez that you timely consult with proven and empathetic divorce attorneys, especially a team well-grounded in asset identification, valuation and equitable distribution.

Experienced family law lawyers will help you gain a complete and nuanced view of your marital assets and how to best promote your best interests in a divorce negotiation and outcome.

You needn’t be overwhelmed by the process. And your proactive engagement in it will best ensure that you obtain a fair result that will serve you well as you embark on the future.