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Month: December 2018

How to ask for a divorce in 2019

With the holidays in the past and the new year in full swing, it may be time to take a strong look at the health of your marriage. If you've long been thinking about divorce, the start of a new year may be the best time to take action.There's more to asking for a...

How a divorce can change your life for the better

When thinking about divorce, even if you're in a difficult or abusive relationship, you may worry about life after the split. What will it be like to be out on your own? Can you make things work financially? Are you ready for this chapter in your life?These are good...

Offering your children reassurance during divorce

Divorce is a challenging process before you take into consideration the impact on your children. When you bring them into the equation, you have more things to think about.Even though divorce is never easy on children, there are things you can say to ease the pain and...