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Month: September 2018

Tips for modifying your child custody agreement

Once you've solidified your out-of-court child custody agreement and a Florida family court judge has approved it, you can rely on the ability to enforce the agreement if the other parent of your child does not comply with it. However, what if circumstances change,...

Don’t overlook the financial impact of divorce

You know that divorce will change your personal life in a variety of ways, but don't overlook the impact it will have on your finances. If you do, you could find yourself surprised and looking for answers as the divorce process moves forward.Here are some of the many...

These co-parenting fights are hard to avoid

When co-parenting, you do your best to avoid arguments with your ex-spouse. You had enough of these during your marriage, so the last thing you want is to go down this path in the future.Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, co-parenting fights are hard to avoid....