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Month: January 2017

Focus on both asset and debt division

If you are moving forward with divorce, you may begin to wonder what will happen to your property and assets. In short, these items will be divided so that both parties can move on with their separate lives.In the state of Florida, "equitable distribution" comes into...

What mistakes do women often make during divorce?

As a woman going through the divorce process, it's imperative to understand your rights and what will happen as the days, weeks and months unfold. While some women do whatever it takes to put themselves in position to succeed after the divorce is finalized, others...

What is a shared parenting plan?

As you move through the divorce process, you'll have many important details on your mind. If you have at least one child with your former spouse, you need to do whatever it takes to remain a major part of their life.In some cases, parents are unable to get along well...