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Month: October 2016

What’s the best approach to a high asset divorce?

As you move forward with divorce, you may look back and wonder what went wrong. Of course, this won't stop you from looking forward to the future.If you find yourself caught up in a high asset divorce, it's imperative to understand your position and the steps you can...

The benefits of shared parenting

Parenting children with your ex-spouse when you're divorced is stressful. However, the benefit of shared parenting is often the best thing for your children. Shared parenting may not be ideal at first, but it allows both parents the ability to maintain a strong...

Divorce and financial support matters

Are you faced with divorce? It doesn't matter if you're in favor of this or want to save your marriage, you know that there are sure to be many challenges in the near future.While not always the case, there are times when alimony is an option. If you find yourself in...