Attorneys For Paternity Actions

In the state of Florida a paternity action can facilitate the resolution of issues surrounding visitation, custody and child support. At Pacheco Perez P.A., we represent both fathers and mothers with paternity issues. Both parties have a lot to gain from an equitable resolution to their paternity case, and our lawyers will help you seek a positive outcome with as little frustration as possible. Informal visitation agreements and child support plans may seem appealing at first, but our experience has shown that if they are not legally binding, they can cause as much frustration as they are expected to alleviate. We will communicate with you about your unique goals and circumstances and help you resolve your case quickly and efficiently. Contact our firm today to make an appointment for a initial consultation about your paternity case.

We help clients with the following paternity matters:

Initial Consultation About Your Paternity Issue

No matter how simple or complex your paternity case, we can help you quickly seek a fair resolution. Contact Pacheco Perez P.A. today for a initial consultation about your paternity matter.