Divorce Resolution Through Mediation

Florida family law courts expect parties to work aggressively to resolve their divorce and paternity disputes out of court. Many parties have discovered that formal mediation is an excellent option to often reduce the cost and emotional stress of litigation.

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A Basic Overview — Each Case May Be Different

While each case is specific to the circumstances, there are some basic steps that mediation typically follows.

Parties agree to a series of meetings between themselves and a professional mediator, with their respective attorneys present to advise them.

During the sessions, the disputed issues will be discussed and the mediator will explain what the courts will expect regarding a fair settlement proposal. After meeting individually with attorneys to offer a solution, the parties come back together to work toward final details to which both can agree.

Either party may decide to back out of the mediation process at any time during the process. Typically, you can expect two to three mediation sessions, each lasting from one to three hours. Every case is different, depending upon the disputes under consideration. When the parties have reached a tentative agreement, the mediator will work up a final settlement proposal to bring to the court. Neither party is legally bound to sign off on the final proposal.

Upon review and signature by the judge (adjudication), the proposed settlement becomes an official court judgment and both parties are bound to it.

Why Do You Need An Attorney?

The mediator is neutral. It is important to have your own experienced attorney present to advise you about protecting your long-term interest. For example, agreeing to "get the house" in the settlement may sound like a win on the surface, but may end up costing more than you can afford in taxes and other problems in the years to come. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to explain how decisions you make about a proposed settlement now may impact you and your family for many years.

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