Attorneys Uncovering Every Marital Property Asset

Whatever happened during your marriage, the divorce process should be as fair as possible. Florida's equitable division of property doctrine does not mandate a 50/50 split, but does require it be what the court considers "fair."

Aside from separate property, such as a gift to only one of you, often from a family member, all other property should be counted in this fair or equitable division. Hiding assets is unfair and illegal.

Whether or not you have a job or an income, you will now pay many of your expenses alone rather than sharing, for example, one residence. It can be difficult, especially with children, to live up to the standard to which you were accustomed. Therefore, we strive to get you all that you are entitled to.

Locating Hidden Assets

Particularly with a small business or professional practice, there are many opportunities to secrete funds from a spouse. Phony employees can be created and paid. Phony debts can be paid, and the checks voided after divorce. Even an employee can conspire with the employer to delay payments to the employee until after divorce.

When you file for divorce, motions are filed, pretrial litigation begins and the discovery process becomes available. In civil cases, the parties may demand production of documents and information. In divorce and property division cases, this includes financial information. One thing frequently leads to another, and a trail of evidence emerges.

Aside from the normal discovery process, we retain forensic accountants and private investigators where appropriate. Even if accounts are offshore or abroad, we locate these and ensure that you receive your share.

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