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If you are facing a divorce property division dispute, the first thing you need to note is that Florida is known as an equitable distribution state. This means that all property and assets acquired during marriage — known as marital property — will be divided in an equitable manner. However, this does not necessarily mean that you and your spouse will each receive half of the marital property. When couples are unable to reach a settlement, the court will step in and determine the equitable distribution of marital property. For this reason, you need to seek knowledgeable representation that can determine what property should be divided and what is rightfully yours.

At the law office of Pacheco Perez P.A. in Miami, Florida, we take a hands-on approach to determine the best possible solution for your divorce litigation. During consultations, we evaluate each case carefully to effectively protect our client's interests. We do not push unnecessary legal services; rather, we provide relevant and realistic options that can save you money and time and that truly promote your best interests. If you need experienced legal representation for retirement accounts, business valuation or other property concern, contact us to see how we can help you.

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Helping You Determine Marital And Non-Marital Property

One of the most challenging aspects of complex property division cases is determining what is marital and what is non-marital property. Some assets brought into or accumulated during marriage, such as real estate property, stock options and bonds, 401ks and family-owned businesses, cannot be equitably divided easily. In certain cases, a spouse may have had hidden assets during the marriage in an attempt to prevent the other spouse from assets that he or she may be entitled to. At the firm of Pacheco Perez, we assist clients in getting what they deserve through effective negotiation skills and aggressive representation in court. We understand the factors that the court may look at when determining equitable distribution and we also work with forensic professionals when appropriate to properly value your assets.

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